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's strong showing by mitt romney in the presidential debate, ryan is looking to continue that momentum. ron mott reports. >> reporter: after one final cram debate session in florida, paul ryan emerged wednesday sporting a sweet tooth. and an appetite for a fight with the vice president. he even flexed his muscles for "time" magazine. a photo shoot from last year headed back to newsstands. >> he's one of the most extreme debaters we have in politics but the achilles' heel he has is president obama's record. >> he walked into a rock star welcome in kentucky in kentucky. his opponent, vice president, joe biden, is scheduled to arrive later today having prepped by battle by consuming all things ryan. his speeches, his budget, his book. >> i just want to make sure that when i say these things that i don't have the congressman say, no, i don't have that position or that's not the governor's position. >> reporter: many expect tonight's debate to feature the fireworks largely absent last week in denver. ryan says he's ready for mr. biden to come at him "like a cannon ball" in an effort to even the
, on september 17th, same deal again. here's mitt romney at a latino issues presidential candidates forum, saying that the guy who wrote the arizona's papers, please, law, he's never met the guy. no idea. he doesn't know why he keeps say that guy is his immigrations adviser. seriously, mitt romney has never met kris kobach? no, not really. his campaign later coming out and telling cnn, never mind what mitt romney just said, he has met the guy who wrote the papers, please, law, kris kobach does advise the campaign. then a few days after that on september 25th, they went and did it again. here's mitt romney conceding one of his most frequent attacks on president obama. this was mitt romney at a rally that day admitting that president obama has not raised taxes while he has been in office. seriously? mitt romney is dropping that argument? he doesn't think president obama has raised taxes? no, not really. his campaign later saying, never mind what mitt romney just said. that's not actually what he believes. sure, he said president obama didn't raise taxes, and president obama didn't raise taxes, but
supportive of that. >> romney's own vice presidential candidate has introduced legislation to restrict abortion. reporters asked paul ryan if he's on the same page with romney. >> our position's unified. our position's consistent and that hasn't changed. >> what is your position? >> you'll find -- i'm sure you'll find out in these debates. >> were you upset that he said that to -- >> no, no position change. our position's very consistent. >> romney could only dodge the question so much. the campaign went into full spin mode. romney's spokeswoman, andrea saul, had to mop it up again. she gave a statement to the conservative nation"national re" governor romney would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life." tony perkins got on the phone to say, don't worry, romney made a gaffe, this is not a change of position at all. perkins confirmed the campaign called and assured him romney wasn't changing his support for pro-life issues. romney himself tried to dig himself out of a hole. >> i'm a pro-life candidate and i'll be a pro-life president. the actions i
-life agenda a presidential candidate could ever have. romney's statements to the iowa paper would be the most radical 180 on abortion rights if it wasn't for the complete 180 he's already made on something else. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose and your effort to continue to try to create fear and deception here is unbecoming. it's an issue that's important. i've established my view very clearly. >> he basically attacked me and said i was, quote, unbecoming for having questioned his voracity. that i was questioning his integrity. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose and am devoted and dedicated to honoring my word in that regard. >> that clip was from the pbs "frontline" documentary called "the choice." the interview with romney's supporters show a candidate without a core. >> it's tough to say what he believes. i'm not sure, exactly, what he believes on social issues, even though i was closely involved in the campaign. mitt romney was certainly comfortable being a liberal on social issues, in 2002, if it was going to help him win, and that's clearl
on abortion that romney took to win the crazy republican presidential primary. team romney was forced to spend today talking about their candidates abortion stance after mitt romney said this yesterday to the des moines register. >> there's no legislation with regards to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda. >> president obama responded tonight in an interview on abc news. >> this is another example of governor romney hiding pogs he's been campaigning on for a year and a half. >> is it a lie? >> governor romney has made very clear that if a bill comes to his desk that overturns roe versus wade, that he would be fully supportive of that. he said, i will appoint justices that will overturn roe versus wade and now four weeks before an election he is trying to cloud the question when it comes to women's rights to control their own health care decisions. >> the president then said why it matters that mitt romney is now running away from the mitt romney from the republican primaries. >> the one thing that i think people -- republicans as well as democrats can say -- is
joe. >> reporter: look what happened since the first presidential debate. governor romney has momentum. moved ahead of the president by a smidgen in the national polls. caught up or gained ground in several key battleground states, ohio, virginia, florida, colorado, and a built of a breeze at his back and republicans think they have momentum. in this debate, americans pick presidents, not vice-presidents. not to downplay the stakes, but the presidential debates are more important. if joe biden can turn a strong performance maybe halt the republican momentum. if paul ryan can, republicans keep the momentum going into next week. >> john, playing sound bites leading into a lot of these debates. one that gets played over and over has been the famous sound bite where dan quayle essentially got his clock cleared. i knew jack kennedy and you're not jack kennedy, but that turned well for mr. quayle. >> he became the vice president of the united states. didn't he? a not so strong debate performance. overshadowed, out-debated by the elder lloyd benson back in 1988. i remember it well. my first p
. ever since mitt romney mentioned big bird in that first presidential debate, costumes stores say they've been flying off the shelves. romney's been gaining since the debate. [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- chelsea handler. placido domi
the president's performance at the first debate, the presidential debate in denver last week. he needs to sort of help and pull up the ticket, analysts say. and brand-new poll numbers show that mitt romney made some gains after that presidential debate. he's now leading by one point in virginia. in ohio he's still behind but up by two, and it's still a horse race in florida, a one-point spread between the president and mitt romney there. lynn? >> all right, tracie potts for us in washington. tracie, thanks. and you can watch live coverage of tonight's debate live from danville, kentucky. that's beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern/6:00 pacific right here on nbc. >>> a week after the first presidential debate the latest nbc news/"wall street journal"/parst poll finds that republican nominee mitt romney has surged in three swing states. governor romney's largest gain was in virginia where he now leads president obama 48% to 47%, a virtual tie and within the margin of error. in florida, president obama retains a one point lead over romney, 48 to 47%. and in that key battleground state of ohio mitt romn
out to everyone there. it's a big celebration. in a sense, it's the kickoff to romney's presidential campaign. >> narrator: romney believed he now had what he needed: the achievement that would help him win the ultimate prize: the presidency. >>> it's the inauguration day of the nation's first african-american president... >> hundreds of thousands of people already... >> narrator: january 20, 2009. >> i, barack hussein obama, do solemnly swear... >> narrator: barack obama inherited a country on the brink. >> stunning crowd of people that converged on the nation's... >> our economy is badly weakened... >> narrator: an economy in collapse. >> greed and irresponsibility on the part of some... >> narrator: he kept saying the problems were big enough, and his win historic enough, that everyone in washington would join together to fix the country. >> he spoke of no less than remaking america... >> he got to washington and he became president, i think, still clinging to this view that the polarization in american politics could be overcome. >> this is the biggest inaugural of all time... >>
say in past couple of weeks from the romney-ryan campaign. a week ago, we had a presidential debate, mitt romney all of a sudden said there was no $5 trillion cu tax cut. i imagine that will be a topic. paul ryan once said he didn't have time to do the math on the tax cut. openfully tonight over 90 minutes he can do the math for us. >> bret: you even concedeed on the show with the deduction and credits while they haven't listed them specifically it wouldn't $5 trillion. >> here is what i said. he put out a number of tax cuts whether it's the estate tax, lowering everyone's rate by 20%, getting rid of the amt, payroll tax, number of tax cut he put on the table. the sum of the tax cuts is $5 trillion. >> bret: he said in the debate? you capped it, set a cap you could reach it. tax policy center which you cite, campaign cites says that you could reach the number that he is talking about -- >> no, it didn't say that. if you could reach the number -- you could add up the deduction and loopholes to $5 trillion if you raise taxes on the middle class. that's what the tax policy center says.
romney was viewed victorious in the recent presidential obeyed over president obama. this comment this ended up striking the message. the complete law back in chains --all the debates are tough but i'm looking for to. >> president obama told abc news he has confidence in his running mate. congressman bryant iryan is a st and of effective speaker. >> the reminder the vice presidential debate is tonight a presidential debate is set for october 16th in new york. you cannot both of them are bay area news channel on your comcast channel 193. are to get our signal of care to the to the digital channel 4.2. coming up the kron for more news to have an update with today's hot headlines and update >> a man was trapped for four hours under a pile in miami. 10 workers were hurt when the roof of that five story structure collapsed on the campus of miami dade college. one person is still unaccounted for because of that class is being investigated. if you ever plaister car's airbag in the past three years take note those air bags could be an unsafe take. the national highway traffic administrati
, but not this time. joe biden will be trying to beat back the romney bump from the first presidential debate; and paul ryan will be working to stretch mitt romney's debate double into a home run. >> if ryan does really, really well, it could possibly fundamentally make this a real horse race, not just nationally but in the battleground states. so, i think there is a lot of expectation on both sides for what this debate possible could do. >> reporter: if you thought the first presidential debate was bogg down in stastics and policy details, you'll have more fun tonight. debate veterans are expecting fireworks. jeff nesbit was press secretary for former vice-president dan quayle. >> while both of them can go deep on wonky politics-- biden can go pretty deep on foreign policy and ryan can go pretty deep on economic policy-- i don't expect that at all in this debate. vice-presidential debates basically are two attack dogs going at each other to defend and promote the top of the ticket. >> reporter: once again, medicare will likely be the star of the show. many democrats were disappointed preside
for joining us. the presidential race is tightening this week with polls shifting in mitt romney's favor as president obama's widely criticized performance at the first presidential debate. my colleague diane sawyer spoke with the president in the first television interview since that night. to find out what happened on stage. >> that debate, what happened? >> well, governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> well not the first time i have had a bad night. but i think what is important that the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. >> we are told you watched it split screen. >> uh-huh. >> did you? >> well i watched it afterward. >> was it painful to watch? >> no. look -- diane, i have got to tell you that these are marathons they're not sprints. >> is it possible you handed him the election that night? >> no. >> you are going to win? >> yes. >> you want it more than the first time? >> absolutely. >> but the race is close. and tensions are high. with 26 days remaining until the election we hit the campaign trail with first lady michelle obama. wh
smnded to our poll. she was leaning towards romney before the debate and now she's sold. >> presidential debates definitely made me more likely to vote for romney because of the confidence he instilled. i felt like he had better answers. and definitely just really appeared much more presidential than president obama did. >> reporter: on the plus side for the president, 40% of colorado voters believe their state's economy is improving. half say mr. obama would be more helpful to the middle class. in the race for virginia's 13 electoral votes, the president is holding his lead. 49% believe the president has clearly explained his plans compared to 34% for romney. independent arnold grunderman of springfield, virginia, is leaning toward the president but with reservations. >> i think that he's done what he possibly can, although he's been hammed strung by a congress that refuses to compromise and pass legislation. but sometimes i think he hasn't been forceful enough. >> after running for more than a year in which he called himself severely conservative, mitt romney is trying to convince you
presidential debates. >> and many people suggested that romney would do well in that first debate. very few people, at least they know, thought the president of the united states would essentially fold his cards in the first debate. this was the shock to people. >> reporter: the latest some of them say a good deal is writing on the vice president's performance tonight. >> and that is why it's important that joe biden comes back and basically thwart all of the momentum that the ryan- romney ticket has. >> reporter: and that is despite new figures on the job front andd labor department reporting that tha339,000 americans were seeking jobs last week, lower in four years and 40,000 fewer than the previous week. at a campaign stop in florida, president obama took shots at his challenger, accusing mitt romney of performing an extreme makeover to woo voters while mitt romney was in north carolina today, visiting reverend billy graham and for decades making the gallop poll's list of most admired men. >> you can watch the presidential -- vice presidential debate here. and we want to hear from you le
. the other big sellers this year are presidential masks. romney has been gaining on the president since the debate. there have been s
are expected to spend $5 billion on these services by 2016. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney campaigned in ohio today making a promise to voters about what he will do about their taxes. >> i will not raise taxes on small business, on business, i will not raise taxes on middle income people, i won't raise taxes at all. >> mitt romney promised to avoid cuts to the military. >> president obama said america can expect him to go on the offensive in next week's debate with mitt romney. critics said the president didn't seem enthusiastic last week. the president said he was just being polite to mitt romney. >>> students at kentucky's center college are prepping for the vice presidential debate. theyhe graduated in 1909 from the college. he will now watch as vice president joe biden and republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan square off this thursday. and ktvu will carry the debate thursday night live. joe biden and paul ryan will tackle forn policy -- foreign policy issues and ktvu channel 2 news will follow the debate. >>> pizza hut is throwing out a offer. they are offeri
invoice. lou: the polls have been kinder governor romney since he won last week's first presidential debate. vice president biden will try to return some momentum to team obama tonight. ron christie and chris stirewalt, as i said, acacias savants on all things politics will be here. first, a look at the markets today and a lot happening. the dow jones down, the s&p squeezing a rational being, the s&p, down fractional point. the nasdaq hurt by a fall on shares of apple down 2% today. the market cap of apple dropping down to just under $589 billion. and they call themselves a corporate leader. crude oil is up. ninety-two dollars per barrel. bank stocks mostly higher today. earnings reports into the very biggest wells fargo and jpmorgan chase, going different directions, wells fargo stopped down, tomorrow, news on consumer confidence and producer prices. turning back to the campaign trail, vice president biden, congressman ryan, such a debate in just over an hour. congressman ryan looking to maintain the resounding victory of mitt romney from last week. joining me now is the former spec
romney as a result of that first presidential debate. >> that could be an issue tonight. before the presidential debate, we were talking about a growing obama lead in wisconsin. a lead in virginia. decent obama lead in florida. a lead in new hampshire. those are all toss-up states. nevada, one of the toss-up states. romney had been doing better in the west, but still, a boost there. that's a dead heat. a statistical tie in nevada. over to colorado. i was there a little more than a week ago. a very close race. post debate, bang. a dead heat. statistical tie. quinnipiac "new york times" poll in "new york times." it's been reliablely blue. had been going the president's way. he's still on top, three points. again, another battleground put back into play by the first debate. here's one the romney campaign is encouraged, but they have work to do. they were down in some eight or nine points. now back to within five or six. cnn poll has it at four. clearly, still a lot of work for romney. let's keep going. virginia, we saw polls before the first presidential debate starting to stretch
the vice presidential debate. we're told mitt romney definitely will. i had an exclusive interview and asked him about his own debate and the challenge with paul ryan tonight. are you confident paul ryan will take on joe biden thursday night? >> you know, i don't know how paul will deal with his debate. obviously, the vice president has done i don't know 15 or 20 debates during his lifetime. experienced debater. this is i think paul's first debate. i may be wrong. he may have done something in high school, i don't know. it will be a new experience for paul, but i'm sure he'll do fine and frankly, paul has the facts on his size. he has policy on his side and we have results on our side, so i think he'll, you'll find in the final analysis that people make their assessments on these debates not so much by the thee at ricks, but on whether the policy's been described will make their life better. i just think that the american people think the president's policies are not something we can afford for four more years and they want something new. >> let's walk over to john king. he's got t
him. >> that was president obama needling romney ahead of next tuesday's second presidential debate. but before obama and romney meet for that high stakes town hall, the number two men get to be the number one guys tonight here in danville, kentucky. dan senor is the senior adviser to congressman paul ryan and a foreign policy adviser to the romney campaign. mr. senor, great to see you. you've done a lot of mock debates. you know the vice president is going to talk a lot about the ryan budget, but we know the ryan budget is not all the romney budget. how much does he defend his own budget versus the romney ticket? >> first of all, he has to make the case about the choice in this election. things have been rough over the last four years, and it's incumbent on president obama and vice president biden to explain what exactly has happened over the last four years. 23 million americans out of work. 47 million americans on food stamps. 1 in 6 americans in poverty. and have them explain the rationratio rationale for why they deserve a second term. there's a choice in this election. they ar
into a virtual tie, the stakes in danville are high, especially after last week's presidential debate, when mitt romney was widely viewed over being victorious over president obama. joe biden has to avoid making a gaffe. the president said he has confidence in joe biden. >> i think joe just needs to be joe. congressman right june a smart -- is smart and he's an effective speaker -- ryan is a smart and effective speaker but his idea are wrong and joe knows that. >> reporter: ryan says the two actually get along quite well. they know eacher from -- each other from capitol hill. back to you. >> you can watch the debate right here on the news at 67:00 right here -- 6:00 right here. the news of ktvu will follow. we're providing live coverage on our app and live streaming. >>> according to data from state election board, more democrats than republicans have registered to vote in most battleground states including florida and nevada. campaign says a deeper look also shows an uptick in latinos and young people. >>> more than half of california schools met the state-wide academic achievement award. the s
the presidential debate, romney had that advantage because everybody expected obama to win. so the expectations are more even in this case and that should benefit the incumbent. >> i want to bring in james clyburn. always good to have you on the program. good amonmorning, congressman. do you do p 90 x with paul ryan in the house gym? >> no, i don't use the house gym much. and i have not seen the pictures. but i understand he works out a whole lot, even run marathons. >> seriously let's talk about the debate. you're a good sport. your colleague chris van holland is helping him to prep, joe biden. what's his strategy tonight, will he try to land some blowses so some? >> i hope he would just be joe. i know skrjoe biden very well, i can tell you paul ryan is no match for joe biden. >> here's the critique from the huffington "post." ryan is always sure of himself and always has a bev have i of numbers to toss in the air. he's a fast talker. he speaks so quickly he can uncork a whole lot of ideas in a very short space of time. are you a little bit concerned about this debate tonight, congressman? >>
, the latest presidential poll. is mitt romney still seeing a boost from his debate performance? >>> new information from let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >>> analysts say one thing to look for tonight in the vice president debate is look for it to be aggressive. joe biden and republican challenger paul ryan will face-off in kentucky. it's the only debate between the two and will cover foreign and domestic issues. to maintain romney's momentum after the victory in last week's debate. joe biden's job is to turn the tide and get team obama back on track. the coverage begins at 9:00 follows by news 4 at 11:00. >>> mitt romney is taking a break today. a new poll by nbc news and the
of saying it, no republican has won the presidential election without winning ohio but governor romney is down for this time of year, significantly, so they are spending lots of time and money there. >>guest: they are. he will be there all week. he is there until saturday. he is going in and out. on saturday he is retreating to boston to do some debate prep before the next debate on tuesday in new york because the debates will help him chip away at president obama's lead. now, president obama is still at 50 percent or 51 percent in ohio but after the debate romney's numbers started creeping up. he helps his own case there. >>shepard: historically speaking the last minute swings more often than not go to the challenger. >>guest: mostly, yes. there have been studies this year that show that may not always be the case. one thing we are not talking about that president obama was talking about on the stump, last week, the jobs report was actually a fairly good one for the administration, the unemployment rate going to 7.8 percent which is not something that the obama campaign has pushed. pr
-47. >>> mitt romney is clarifying his stance on abortion. the republican presidential candidate detailed his plans on the issue if elected. >> i think i've said time and again i'm a pro life candidate and i'll be a pro life president. the actions i'll take immediately are to remove funding for planned parenthood. it will not be part of my budget. >> earlier this week, romney told "the des moines register" that if elected he would not pursue abortion related legislation. >>> expect an aggressive vice presidential debate tonight. vice president joe biden and republican challenger paul ryan faced off at center college in kentucky. it will be the only debate between the two and will cover both foreign and domestic issues. analysts say the pressure is on paul ryan to maintain romney's momentum after last week's debate. joe biden's mission is to get the momentum back. debate coverage on nbc 4 begins tonight at 9:00 followed by news4 at 11:00. >>> we'll get more answers about the death of a giant panda cub at the national zoo. the cub lived for six days before it died late last month. zoo keepers n
, dressing up as big bird, that should not be your choice. ever since mitt romney called him out during the first presidential debate, one costume wholesaler in california said big bird suits have been selling like hot cakes. in fact, retail prices range from 40 to 100 bucks, but store owners expect that to go up because the demand is just that high. >>> we'll be right back in a moment with topper. >>> i'll admit it. i was a little bit down on the nats after that he parissing loss yesterday, but you know, every -- embarrassing loss yesterday, but, you know, every day is another game and tomorrow the cardinals will be sitting around going what the heck happened? >> reporter: day, tell you what. take a -- derek, tell you what. take a listen to some of these fans. that's all i need to say. >> let's go nats! >> reporter: all right. that's the fans. how about the hero of tonight's game, jayson werth? here's what he had to say about the big hit. take a listen. >> they got a really great mentality. we got a great manager to lead us. we got a great organization from top to bottom, from the le
. tonight the focus can be on the vice-presidential candidates. joe biden and paul ryan will have their first and only debate in kentucky. >> as far as the presidential candidates obama will campaign in florida today and romney in north carolina. there's a new nbc wall street journal poll which shows romney made gains in the swing states of virginia, florida, and ohio. the largest in virginia, where now he's ahead of the president. now more from brandi hitt. >> the second round belongs to the running mates. >> i feel good about it. >> paul ryan and vice president joe biden say they are ready to go toe to toe in danville, kentucky. >> i have been studying his positions. >> and there is a critical time in the campaign. >> i've been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. >> last week mitt romney dominated in his first debate against president obama. the president even admitted he had a bad night. >> your supporters have been saying you did not show up. >> there's no doubt i can make a better case, which is why i so look forward to tuesday. >> is it possible
of a presidential race and for the most part we do not expect these debates to do so either. but romney is seeing a big post-debate gain in the polls. romney's biggest jump in is virginia where he now leads the president by just one point. more bill coming up after the break. stay with us. >> i work with adults with developmental disabilities. growing up i had a single mother of four and people in the community were so helpful when they didn't even have much themselves. seeing people and their hardships made me want to make a difference in people's lives to give them hope. receiving a masters degree would open the doors for me to get into a management position where i would be able to do more for people. i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 193 (some duplicates have been removed)